Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Coming to Parkmerced!

As the popularity and availability of electric vehicles (EV) increases, it is vital to the industry that the availability of EV charging stations keeps up as well. Currently on the west side of San Francisco there are very limited options for EV charging. During the Fall of 2012, as a joint effort with the San Francisco Department of Environment and the Parkmerced Sustainability Committee, Parkmerced has taken the lead by installing 15 Level 2 EV charging stations which will serve its resident population as well as the neighborhoods on the west side. Spread across 152-acres, 11 of the 15 chargers are publicly accessible and located in front of each of Parkmerced’s 11 high rises. The remaining 4 are located in a garage with limited access reserved for residents. The installation of the EV charging stations align with and will remain through the Parkmerced Vision plan as an amenity to current and future residents. Parkmerced’s effort in providing its residents the infrastructure to choose more sustainable forms of transportation has resulted in its designation as the Bay Area’s Most EV Ready Development for 2012 by the Bay Area Climate Collaborative and Silicon Valley Leadership Group. The award was presented on August 23 at the Charged: EV Symposium Silicon Valley 2012 in Palo Alto. Additionally, Parkmerced has replaced its aging leasing vehicle fleet with Nissan Leafs and the former fleet of vehicles were transferred to its Maintenance Department for their reuse.

Chargepoint is offering free ChargePoint cards September 18-September 23, 2012. If you or anyone you know is planning on charging at Parkmerced, have them sign up here:



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